Java vs JavaScript

Why you may should change your programming language

Published on 16 Oct, 2021


I recently applied for a job where I will be developing frontend and backend applications in TypeScript.
So why did I change from Java to TypeScript? Well I give a shit on programming languages, they are just a tool to implement great stuff.

I mean in general it is nice to have a language where you are fast and able to implement your ideas of a tool, or automate some stuff, but in my opinion a programming language has not to decide what job you will take.
When a job offer sounds interesting, because they use technologies you want to use, there are some good colleges, or you can identify with the companies visions and wanna work with them on that, don’t reject the job offer just because it is not your well-known language.

The most programming languages are very similar to each other, in my opinion there is a lot of other important stuff, like the software architecture, the design of single software components and the whole universe around it, like identity management, the deployment, observability, business intelligence.
They all use some sort of package management, you write unit tests in all languages and mostly develop object orientated or structural, you use patterns…

do not hang too much on your programming language.